It's very likely that you've seen a birth announcement disc displaying the details of a newly emerged baby. This sort of baby arrival announcement is a natural sight across Instagram pages of modern parents. It is most definitely a trend that isn't going away any time soon!

If you search Google or Etsy for 'Birth Announcement Discs' you'll be be shown a multitude of different designs from different makers. If this doesn't show you how popular they are then I don't know what will...


What is a Birth Announcement Disc?

The most common design, as the name suggests, is a round disc with a sweet message at the top such as 'Hello World' with marked out spaces for writing on the baby's name, birth date, time, weight and length.

There are a multitude of other shapes and designs; some simply etched plywood, others featuring wood and acrylic and some made entirely of acrylic.

The idea is that this style of birth announcement disc (sometimes referred to as birth announcement plaque) can be purchased before a baby is born and packed into the hospital bag for an on the spot photo opportunity.


Why Are Birth Announcement Discs So Popular?

  • You can order ahead of time, which takes the pressure off finalising a name.

  • You write on the birth details ASAP so no waiting around to order an etched disc... New parents are busy enough!

  • It's a super cute way to let others know all your bubba's stats and share a special photo. This doesn't have to be on social media either, if that's not your thing.

  • It can be displayed in your baby's nursery as a cute décor piece.

  • When you're done displaying the disc, it is a wonderful keepsake.


Newborn Birth Announcement Disc

What Makes the Best Announcement Disc?

Of course design is a personal preference but you should look for the following features when searching for the best announcement disc:

  • Laser cut and engraved
    This will ensure it stands the test of time.

  • Not too big and not too small
    It should be visible in a photo but not so big that it dominates the photo of a small newborn.

  • Enough space to write the birth details
    After all, that's what you're buying it for!


What do you look for in a birth announcement disc? You can check out our announcement plaques here.