I am so excited to release a new range of hanging signs designed with kids' bedrooms in mind. Made from stylish and lightweight bamboo, I am planning to add more designs to cater to all the different things that kids are in to. To start with I've released a Superhero design and a Rainbow design.

With a hanging cord you can hang them up on concertina wall hooks like I have done. This one is a super affordable addition from Kmart. You could also use 3M hanging hooks on a wall or bedroom door.

Rainbow Room Sign Sienna | Kids Decor, Wall NameSuperhero Kids Bedroom Sign | Wall Decor, Kids Decor

Why are Personalised Signs So Good?

When you choose a personalised sign like this, each one is unique. Laser cut from bamboo with varying grains and then assembled by hand, no two are the same. That's pretty special if you ask me? 

Having their name on a sign creates ownership of space, makes their room an inviting place to be in and also it just plain looks awesome!

You can find the Superhero Bedroom Sign here and the Rainbow Bedroom Sign Here.

If you have any requests for other designs send me a message through Facebook or Instagram.