Trolley tokens are eye-catching little keyring attachments but they're not just a cute accessory... A trolley token is actually a very useful tool! Certainly worldly circumstances have seen us use coins less and less *cough* Covid-19 *cough* and a trolley token keyring will ensure you always have a trolley when you need it.

What are Trolley Tokens?

The style that you're most likely familiar with is laser cut acrylic trolley tokens. These feature a specially designed shape cut from acrylic combined with a method of attachment like a small clip.

Other styles of trolley tokens can include resin trolley tokens made using molds or metal trolley tokens. They also come in a variety of different shapes that look different to the ones available at Have Fun Crafts.

How to Use a Trolley Token?

Trolley tokens are designed to fit in most popular shopping trolleys in Australia such as Coles, Woolworths, ALDI and Spotlight.

A trolley token is incredibly easy to use, just push it in the $2 slot of most popular trolleys in Australia, gently slide it sideways and then remove it.

How to Use a Trolley Token. Video Using a Trolley Token


Where to Buy a Trolley Token

There really isn't an easy alternative to a trolley token so do yourself a favour and grab one! You can find our trolley tokens here.

They also make fantastic gifts for birthdays and Christmas especially when paired with a cute wristlet or keyring.

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